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nRF24L01 multi-protocol RC transmitter

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Build Status

Binding Procedure

  • Create a model in OpenTX using external module in PPM mode, 12 channels and TAER sequence order.
  • Turn off Taranis.
  • Power up quad.
  • While holding the appropriate stick pattern listed below, power up Taranis.
  • Arm quad based on it's firmware's specification.

Protocol is selected with stick position at startup:

  • Rudder left + Aileron left = Bayang protocol with Silverware telemetry for OpenTX
  • Rudder right + Aileron right + Elevator down = EAchine E010, NiHui NH-010, JJRC H36 mini
  • Rudder right + Aileron right + Elevator up = FQ-777-124 Pocket Drone
  • Rudder right + Aileron left + Elevator up = CX-10 older red PCB/CX11/CX205/CX30, JXD389/391/393, SH6057/6043/6044/6046/6047, FY326Q7, WLToys v252 Pro/v343, XinXun X28/X30/X33/X39/X40
  • Rudder right + Aileron left + Elevator down = WLToys V930/931/939/966/977/988
  • Rudder right + Elevator down = HiSky RXs, HFP80, HCP80/100, FBL70/80/90/100, FF120, HMX120, WLToys v933/944/955
  • Rudder right + Elevator up = Syma X5C (older model), X2 ...
  • Rudder right + Aileron right = MJX X600
  • Rudder right + Aileron left = EAchine H8 mini 3D, JJRC H20/H22
  • Elevator down + Aileron left = Syma X5C-1/X11/X11C/X12
  • Elevator down + Aileron right = Attop YD-822/YD-829/YD-829C ...
  • Elevator up + Aileron right = EAchine H8(C) mini, BayangToys X6/X7/X9, JJRC JJ850, Floureon H101, BWhoop B03 ...
  • Elevator up + Aileron left = EAchine H7
  • Elevator up = WLToys V202/252/272, JXD 385/388, JJRC H6C, Yizhan Tarantula X6 ...
  • Elevator down = EAchine CG023/CG031/3D X4
  • Aileron left = Cheerson CX-10 green pcb
  • Aileron right = Cheerson CX-10 blue pcb & some newer red pcb, CX-10A, CX-10C, CX11, CX12, Floureon FX10, JJRC DHD D1

Last used protocol is automatically selected if stick is in neutral position.

Extra features (if available on aircraft):

  • Channel 5: led light, 3 pos. rate on CX-10 and FQ777-124, H7, inverted flight on H101
  • Channel 6: flip control
  • Channel 7: still camera
  • Channel 8: video camera, pitch trim (FQ777-124)
  • Channel 9: headless
  • Channel 10: calibrate Y (V2x2), pitch trim (H7), RTH (H8 mini/H20, FQ777-124), 360deg flip mode (H8 mini 3D/H22)
  • Channel 11: calibrate X (V2x2), roll trim (H7,FQ777-124), emergency stop (BWhoop B03)
  • Channel 12: Reset / Rebind


nRF24L01 multi-protocol RC transmitter







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