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Example site to use with Hugo & Hugo Themes
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This repository offers an example site for Hugo and also it provides the default content for demos hosted on the Hugo Themes Showcase.


  1. Install Hugo
  2. Clone this repository
git clone
cd hugoBasicExample
  1. Clone the repository you want to test. If you want to test all Hugo Themes then follow the instructions provided here
  2. Run Hugo and select the theme of your choosing
hugo server -t YOURTHEME
  1. Under /content/ this repository contains the following:
  • A section called /post/ with sample markdown content
  • A headless bundle called homepage that you may want to use for single page applications. You can find instructions about headless bundles over here
  • An that is intended to provide the /about/ page for a theme demo
  1. If you intend to build a theme that does not fit in the content structure provided in this repository, then you are still more than welcome to submit it for review at the Hugo Themes respository
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