Logging System Based On The Log/Logger Standard Library
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Tracelog sits on top of Go's log library. See the following example for an implementation (it's super easy to use)


package main

import (

func main() {
    //tracelog.StartFile(tracelog.LevelTrace, "/Users/bill/Temp/logs", 1)
    tracelog.Trace("main", "main", "Hello Trace")
    tracelog.Info("main", "main", "Hello Info")
    tracelog.Warning("main", "main", "Hello Warn")
    tracelog.Errorf(fmt.Errorf("Exception At..."), "main", "main", "Hello Error")

func foo() error {
        return errors.New("test")

func Example() {
    tracelog.Started("main", "Example")
    if err := foo(); err != nil {
        tracelog.CompletedError(err, "main", "Example")
    tracelog.Completed("main", "Example")


TRACE: 2013/11/07 08:24:32 main.go:12: main : main : Info : Hello Trace
INFO: 2013/11/07 08:24:32 main.go:13: main : main : Info : Hello Info
WARNING: 2013/11/07 08:24:32 main.go:14: main : main : Info : Hello Warn
ERROR: 2013/11/07 08:24:32 main.go:15: main : main : Info : Hello Error : Exception At...
TRACE: 2013/11/07 08:24:32 main.go:23: main : Example : Started
TRACE: 2013/11/07 08:24:32 main.go:31: main : Example : Completed
TRACE: 2013/11/07 08:24:32 tracelog.go:149: main : Stop : Started
TRACE: 2013/11/07 08:24:32 tracelog.go:156: main : Stop : Completed

For more details on how to use this package (or to see how it works), see the source. Also, docs

Copyright 2013 Ardan Studios. All rights reserved.
Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE handle.

Package TraceLog implements a logging system to trace all aspect of your code. This is great for task oriented programs. Based on the Go log standard library. It provides 4 destinations with logging levels plus you can attach a file for persistent writes. A log clean process is provided to maintain disk space. There is also email support to send email alerts.

Ardan Studios
12973 SW 112 ST, Suite 153
Miami, FL 33186

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