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simple Erlang pool of workers
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Cuesport is a simple pool of workers, meant mainly to be used with things like DB connections. Use when poolboy's elaborate checkin/checkout seems to be overkill for your task.


Suggested usage is to create your own wrapper module which wraps cuesport and provides wrapper functions to hide pool's usage. Something in the lines of:


-export([start_link/0, q/1, q/2]).

-define(POOL_NAME, myproduct_redis_pool).

%%% API functions

start_link() ->
    PoolSize = get_config(redis_pool_size),
    EredisOpts = get_config(redis_worker_config),
    ChildMods = [eredis, eredis_client, eredis_parser],
    ChildMFA = {eredis, start_link, EredisOpts},
    cuesport:start_link(?POOL_NAME, PoolSize, ChildMods, ChildMFA).

q(Query) ->
    eredis:q(cuesport:get_worker(?POOL_NAME), Query).

q(Query, Opts) ->
    eredis:q(cuesport:get_worker(?POOL_NAME), Query, Opts).

Then add myproduct_redis to your supervision tree.

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