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This is a Chrome Extension that works with *Now updated to work with lightning and Communities!*

If you are on a record page, that is a page where the
URL conatins a record Id: 

* Click the scissors icon once to clip the Id to your clipboard.
* Click it again and you'll get the 18 character verison of the id.
* Click it again to get a cleaned version of the URL in the address bar.

The icon turns green when you successfully clip the Id, and shows an 18 
when you get the 18 character version and 'Link' when you get the link.

You may also right click any link to a record URL on any webpage
and do two actions:

* Clip the Id (15 or 18 characters), just as you would from a record page
* Get a clean record URL, dropping any parameters after the Id, like search position

* Works with Lightning
* Works with Communities
* Works with VF pages with an id on the querystring, and User profile pages.
* Thanks to boxfoot and Jeff Douglas for code contributions!

To install from Chrome Store:

Source code is on github:

To install unpackaged:

1. Download the source to your computer
2. Go to Chrome
3. Window > Extensions
4. Click the + next to Developer Mode
5. Load unpacked extension
6. Browse to the downloaded directory