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The Initiative

Hopefully everything about Go!


This is the initiative. A Go community.

Yes, we are using Go to build developer resources, and we’ve been doing this since Sep, 2020.

⚙️ Package and Services

Books, Articles, and Documents

We have open sourced several books to share our knowledge about Go, from beginning to deep ocean:

We also write short articles to publish our recent practices regarding Go here:

More importantly, we created a documentary to help everyone to find interesting videos, discussions, design docs and etc. Here it is:

Enjoy, and we would love to receive your contributions :)


Popular repositories

  1. 📖 Go 程序员面试笔试宝典 | 从问题切入,串连 Go 语言相关的所有知识,融会贯通。

    Go 5k 599

  2. 📚 Go: Under The Hood | Go 语言原本 |

    Go 4.1k 490

  3. history Public

    📝 Go: A Documentary |

    Go 1k 44

  4. 📋 cross-platform clipboard package that supports accessing text and image in Go (macOS/Linux/Windows/Android/iOS)

    Go 401 43

  5. 🧪 A chunk of experiments and demos about Go 2 generics design (type parameter & type set)

    Go 148 5

  6. hotkey Public

    ⌨️ cross-platform hotkey package

    Go 140 9


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