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Go compiler frontend (gccgo)
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Helflym and ianlancetaylor libgo/go/syscall: add SockAddrDatalink on AIX
This patch is required in order to build The
corresponding Go Toolchain patch is CL 170537.

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Reviewed-by: Ian Lance Taylor <>
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go compiler: use temporary to avoid early destruction Apr 18, 2019
libgo libgo/go/syscall: add SockAddrDatalink on AIX Apr 19, 2019
.gitignore gofrontend: add .clang-format to .gitignore file Oct 24, 2018
AUTHORS A+C: add Baokun Lee (personal CLA) Feb 28, 2019
CONTRIBUTORS CONTRIBUTORS: add Clément Chigot (company CLA) Mar 5, 2019
LICENSE LICENSE: separate, change PATENTS text. Dec 6, 2010
PATENTS LICENSE: separate, change PATENTS text. Dec 6, 2010
README HACKING, README: update for switch to git Jun 15, 2015


A Go frontend

Ian Lance Taylor
Last update 15 June 2014

This is a compiler frontend for the Go programming language
(  The frontend was originally developed at
Google, and was released in November 2009.  It was originally written
by Ian Lance Taylor <>.

It was originally written for GCC (  As of this
writing it only supports GCC, but the GCC support has been separated
from the rest of the frontend, so supporting another compiler is

The go subdirectory holds the frontend source code.  This is mirrored
to the gcc/go subdirectory in the GCC repository.

The libgo subdirectory holds the library source code.  This is a copy
of the main Go library with various changes appropriate for this
compiler.  The main Go library is hosted at, in the src directory.  The libgo
subdirectory is mirrored to the libgo subdirectory in the gcc

Legal Matters

To contribute patches to the files in this directory, please see .

The master copy of these files is hosted at (there is a mirror at  Changes to these files require
signing a Google contributor license agreement.  If you are the
copyright holder, you will need to agree to the individual contributor
license agreement at  This agreement
can be completed online.

If your organization is the copyright holder, the organization will
need to agree to the corporate contributor license agreement at

If the copyright holder for your code has already completed the
agreement in connection with another Google open source project, it
does not need to be completed again.

The authors of these files may be found in the AUTHORS and
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