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A library for Go environment configuration in Sublime Text
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wbond and jbuberel sublime-config: Change GOPATH/GOROOT checker to raise exceptions
When checking GOROOT and GOPATH to ensure they exist on disk, raise
an exception if they are not found. This allows consuming packages
to present the user with more information about why the environment
variable value could not be found.

This change also syncs the changelog and in-code version numbers
with the tags that have been used so far.

Change-Id: I00ee05bde751848737d0346193444cece5074089
Reviewed-by: Jason Buberel <>
Latest commit ed5ebc0 Nov 2, 2015


golangconfig is a Sublime Text dependency designed to be a common API for configuration of Go environment variables. It is intended to be used by any and all Go-related Sublime Text packages in an effort to help reduce duplication of user configuration.

The documentation for the package is split into two audiences:

Other documentation:

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