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  ___  ___   ___ _____ ___ _  _  ___ ___ _    ___ ___ 
 / _ \| _ \ / __|_   _| __| \| |/ __|_ _| |  | __| _ \
| (_) |   / \__ \ | | | _|| .` | (__ | || |__| _||   /
 \__\_\_|_\ |___/ |_| |___|_|\_|\___|___|____|___|_|_\
 By Golan Levin and Asa Foster III for FFFFF.AT, 2011 

Version: 14 August, 2018                          
By Golan Levin and Asa Foster III for FFFFF.AT       
Developed with Processing v.0198, a free, cross-     
platform Java programming toolkit for the arts.    
This free program loads a user-specified QR code    
image, from which it generates a topologically      
correct stencil PDF, suitable for laser-cutting.     
>> QR_STENCILER has been tested in MacOSX 10.13.5.    
1. Make a QR code image which embeds a short text.    
   Try, Kaywa, or the Google Chart API.      
2. Download and install 'Processing' from                     
   We used Processing version 3.4.         
3. Unzip '' to a folder.            
4. Put your QR code image in 'QR_STENCILER/data/'    
5. Launch Processing and open 'QR_STENCILER.pde'     
6. Press 'Run' (Command-R) to start the stenciler.   
7. You will be prompted to Open your QR code image. 
   A default will be opened if none is provided.     
8. After doing so, the program will generate a      
   stencil PDF in the 'data' folder.                 
9. That PDF can now be opened in your favorite CAD  
   software, for laser-cutting cardboard, etc.      
10.After marking your stencil, test it with a QR     
   reader, such as TapMedia's free iPhone app.       
QR_STENCILER shall be used for Good, not Evil.        
It is licensed under a Creative Commons              
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported     
License (by-nc-sa 3.0), as described at         
You are free to distribute, remix, and modify        
QR_STENCILER, so long as you share alike and        
provide attribution to FFFFF.AT. The repackaging    
of QR_STENCILER as or into commercial software, is  
expressly prohibited. Please note that QR_STENCILER  
also enjoys protections under the GRL Repercussions  
3.0 license,         
For other uses, please contact FFFFF.AT.             
The 100 QR_HOBO_CODES and their respective stencils  
are hereby dedicated to the public domain.          
This software is provided AS IS, without warranty    
of any kind, expressed or implied, including but    
not limited to the warranties of merchantibility,    
fitness for a particular purpose, and noninfringe-   
ment. In no event shall the authors be liable for   
any claim, damages or other liability, whether in   
an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising   
from, out of or in connection with this software    
or its use.                                         
QR_STENCILER was created by Golan Levin and         
Asa Foster III with support from the STUDIO for     
Creative Inquiry and the School of Art at           
Carnegie Mellon University. Thanks to Ben Fry,      
Marcus Beausang, Neil Brown & Judy Robertson for      
great code. A tip of the hat to Fred Trotter,       
Jovino, le Suedois, Patrick Donnelly and others     
who have gone down similar paths. Additional         
thanks to Andrea Boykowycz for creative input.       
Some of the QR Hobo Codes are inspired by:              
'QR code' is trademarked by Denso Wave, Inc.         
Inquiries about QR_STENCILER may be directed to:     
Golan Levin <>                        


QR Code Stenciler, built in Processing 1.5.1+



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