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  • Hiroshi Ito presented at JJUG CCC 2015 Spring on GS Collections and Java 8. [slides (in Japanese)]
  • Hiroshi Ito presented at Java Day Tokyo 2015 on How Goldman Sachs works with Java. [video (in Japanese)] [slides (in Japanese)]
  • Craig Motlin presented at Scala Days San Francisco 2015 on Scala Collections Performance. [[slides]( Scala Days 2015 - Scala Collections Performance.pptx)]


  • Donald Raab and Craig Motlin presented at JavaOne 2014 on GS Collections and Java 8. [slides]
  • Craig Motlin presented at QCon New York 2014 on the performance of the parallel-lazy APIs in Java 8, Scala, and GS Collections. [video and slides]
  • Craig Motlin was interviewed on InfoQ about the Origins and Benefits of GS Collections. [video]
  • Donald Raab presented on new features of Java 8 and how they work with GS Collections to the New York Java User Group in May 2014. [slides]


  • Vladimir Zakharov shared memory usage comparisons between collections frameworks with the JSR 335 expert group [slides]
  • Donald Raab presented at the Java Users Group on Java 8 lambda support in GS Collections. [slides]


  • Mohammad Rezaei presented at QCon New York 2012 on Fine Grained Coordinated Parallelism in a Real World Application [video] [speaker info] [slides]
  • Donald Raab chaired a workshop at the 2012 JVM Language Summit on Java Collections Framework design. [info] [slides]


Acquiring GS Collections


Maven Central







<dependency org="com.goldmansachs" name="gs-collections-api" rev="7.0.0" />
<dependency org="com.goldmansachs" name="gs-collections" rev="7.0.0" />
<dependency org="com.goldmansachs" name="gs-collections-testutils" rev="7.0.0" />
<dependency org="com.goldmansachs" name="gs-collections-forkjoin" rev="7.0.0"/>
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