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CLI to render Go template text files based on command line parameters and/or a YAML
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Render Go text templates from the command line.

go get

Supports providing top-level name/value pairs on the command line:

echo 'Hello, {{.User}}' | renderizer --user=${USER}

And read from the environment:

echo 'Hello, {{.env.User}}' | renderizer


renderizer [OPTIONS] [--name=value]... [template-file]...


Render the pod.yaml.tmpl using values from examples/pod/.renderizer.yaml:

renderizer --settings=examples/pod/.pod.yaml examples/pod/pod.yaml.tmpl

Or set RENDERIZER in the environment:

RENDERIZER=examples/.pod.yaml renderizer examples/pod/pod.yaml.tmpl

Alternatively, it'll try .pod.yaml in the current directory.

(cd examples/pod; renderizer)

Next, override the deployment value to render the "dev" pod.yaml.tmpl (after cd examples/pod):

renderizer --deployment=dev --name='spaced out'

For more examples, see the examples folder.



Settings can be loaded from any YAMLs:

renderizer --settings=.settings1.yaml --settings=.settings2.yaml --name=value template-file

Capitalization -C

This is a positional toggle flag.

Variable names are converted to title case by default. It can be disabled for any subsequent variables:

renderizer --name=value -C --top=first template-file


Name: value
top: first

Missing Keys

Control the missingkeys template-engine option:

renderizer --missing=zero --top=first template-file


Provide a name for the environment variables:

renderizer --environment=env template-file

It defaults to env which is effectively the same as the above --environment=env.

Template Functions

For the full list, see functions.txt.tmpl

  • add - func(a, b int) int
  • cleanse - func(s string) string - remove [^[:alpha:]]
  • commandLine - func() string the command line
  • environment - map[string]string - the runtime environment
  • inc - func(a int) int
  • join - func(a []interface, sep string) string
  • lower - strings.ToLower
  • now - time.Now
  • replace - strings.Replace
  • trim - strings.Trim
  • trimLeft - strings.TrimLeft
  • trimRight - strings.TrimRight
  • upper - strings.ToUpper
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