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My dotfiles and scripts for your favorite Linux distro (I use Mint) and Termux on Android.


Must be installed on you $HOME directory or below! BE AWARE! It will prompt you to replace your .bashrc and .gitconfig files! If you don't want to replace your .bashrc just add source "$HOME/dotfiles/bashrc" to it. If you just want to use the scripts add bin/ to your $PATH.

cd ~
git clone



A custom PS1 with git branch, some aliases and functions, see bashrc.


A small collection of git aliases gitconfig.

Home Spoofing

Advanced, requires gcc, needs more documentation?

With home spoofing you can carry you home directory with you!

Clone this repository to a external drive, then run YOUR_DRIVE_LOCATION/dotfiles/home-spoofing/ bash this will open a new bash instance with the $HOME path set to the external drive (see It also compiles and preloads a shared library (see preload.c) using LD_PRELOAD, that intercepts some standard C functions to better spoof the HOME directory.

All programs started from that shell will see the spoofed HOME directory and use it to store their config files, making your HOME directory portable.

It's not required to start a shell to spoof the HOME for a specific program, just run YOUR_DRIVE_LOCATION/dotfiles/home-spoofing/ your_program some_argument.

If you use GNOME, it's useful to create a open-terminal.desktop file on the external drive to quickly open a spoofed shell or other programs, example:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=bash -c "$(dirname -- "%k")/dotfiles/home-spoofing/ bash"


Scripts Description
android-bak Connect to Android (I use Termux and sshd) and backup some files.
android-ssh Connect to Android (using bcast-ip).
bashrc-zone Manage bashrc zones.
bcast-ip A simple IPv4 broadcaster.
browser-incognito Open an independent browser window in incognito mode (Google Chrome).
browser-socks Create a SOCKS proxy with a remote server and start an incognito Google Chrome instance on that proxy.
composer Run PHP composer (with auto-install).
drive-serial Find the serial number of the physical drive.
estore (src) Encrypted data storage (to store passwords and other data).
gh-clone Clone from GitHub with gh-clone user/repo.
gh-set-user Sets your git name and email based on your GitHub profile.
git-mtime Set the modified date of the files on a git repository to the last commit date that changed the files.
install-applications A utility to install some applications.
install-packages A utility to install some basic packages.
install-extra-packages Installs extra packages using apt-get from external repositories.
logdata A script to log events and notes throughout the day.
mailop Organize emails on imap mailboxes.
phpdoc Run phpDocumentor (with auto-install).
sftp-upload (src) A hacked together SFTP uploader script (probably not worth using).

On Android (Termux)

When installed on Android with Termux, some extra bash functions are available, see bashrc_termux.

If you have Termux:Widget it will create a shortcut for starting/stopping sshd that automatically broadcasts the IP. It can be used in conjunction with android-bak and android-ssh to quickly connect to the Android device.


dotfiles is released under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for details.


🍪 My dotfiles and scripts.





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