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home automations

Summer pet project

My stuff:


  • gearman worker
  • it reads temperature and humidity from my BeeWi sensor via BTLE


  • gearman worker
  • yes I know. It's ugly, but I need to add this worker. tempReaderWorker finish (process.exit()) after sending data to this worker. I don't want to free bt interface to be able to have more scripts using it. That's a fast and ugly solution but it works.

  • Telegram bot
  • The following commands are available:
  • /switchInfo: get switch info
  • /switchOFF: switch OFF the switch
  • /help: Gives you information about the available commands
  • /temp: Get temperature
  • /switchON: switch ON the switch

  • detects when I'm close to my home and sends me a message via Telegram with the temperature.
  • It's a network sniffer
  • It detects when my mobile phone send a ARP package to my router (aka when I connect to my Wifi). It happens before I enter in my house, so the telegram message arrives before I put the key in the door :)

  • control BeeWi Smart LED Color Bulb.

## alarm/crontab

  • crontab to turn on/off and set the color of the bulb


  • all scripts are running in my Raspberry Pi3.
  • I need to keep alive all. So I supervisor to ensure process are up