Wraps the mspec.exe command, adding colors so you can Red, Green, Refactor!
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MSpec Color

I recently started using MSpec, which is an awesome framework for doing BDD in .NET

It's REALLY annoying, however, that mspec.exe doesn't color its output. It's just silly!

So I made this quick and dirty script to wrap mspec.exe and print out colors.

Download mspec.exe

With Colors

Screenshot With Colors

Without Colors

Screenshot Without Colors


This colors the summary line red if anything failed, green is everything passed, or yellow if no tests actually ran at all.

This colors the "Test Case Failures" section red.

This colors the "Tests not run" section yellow.

Running It

Any arguments you pass to mspec-color.exe get passed straight to mspec.exe. So if can alias 'mspec' on your system to 'mspec-color' and commands like mspec --help will still run fine.

By default, mspec is run. If you need to set the path to the mspec executable to be run, you can set the MSPEC_PATH environment variable. If it's found, it will run that instead of simply assuming that mspec is in your PATH and will run fine.

That's it!

Nothing too crazy, just a tiny little script.


MSpec Color is released under the MIT license.