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Code for DetCon

This repository contains code for the ICCV 2021 paper "Efficient Visual Pretraining with Contrastive Detection" by Olivier J. Hénaff, Skanda Koppula, Jean-Baptiste Alayrac, Aaron van den Oord, Oriol Vinyals, João Carreira.

This repository includes sample code to run pretraining with DetCon. In particular, we're providing a sample script for generating the Felzenzwalb segmentations for ImageNet images (using skimage) and a pre-training experiment setup (dataloader, augmentation pipeline, optimization config, and loss definition) that describes the DetCon-B(YOL) model described in the paper. The original code uses a large grid of TPUs and internal infrastructure for training, but we've extracted the key DetCon loss+experiment in this folder so that external groups can have a reference should they want to explore a similar approaches.

This repository builds heavily from the BYOL open source release, so speed-up tricks and features in that setup may likely translate to the code here.

Running this code

Running ./ will create and activate a virtualenv and install all necessary dependencies. To enter the environment after running, run source /tmp/detcon_venv/bin/activate.

Running bash will run a single training step on a mock image/Felzenszwalb mask as a simple validation that all dependencies are set up correctly and the DetCon pre-training can run smoothly. On our 16-core machine, running on CPU, we find this takes around 3-4 minutes.

A TFRecord dataset containing each ImageNet image, label, and its corresponding Felzenszwalb segmentation/mask can then be generated using the generate_fh_masks Python script. You will first have to download two pieces of ImageNet metadata into the same directory as the script:

wget wget

And to run the multi-threaded mask generation script:

python -- \
--train_directory=imagenet-train \

This single-machine, multi-threaded version of the mask generation script takes 2-3 days on a 16-core CPU machine to complete CPU-based processing of the ImageNet training and validation set. The script assumes the same ImageNet directory structure as (more details in the link).

You can then run the main training loop and execute multiple DetCon-B training steps by running from the parent directory the command:

python -m detcon.main_loop \
  --dataset_directory='/tmp/imagenet-fh-train' \

Note that you will need to update the dataset_directory flag, to point to the generated Felzenzwalb/image TFRecord dataset previously generated. Additionally, to use accelerators, users will need to install the correct version of jaxlib with CUDA support.

Pre-trained checkpoints

For convenience, we're providing an ImageNet-pretrained ResNet-50 and ResNet-200 pre-trained using DetCon. We also provide a number of ResNet-50 COCO-pretrained checkpoints available in the same GCS bucket. A Colab demonstrating how to load the model weights and run a forward pass on the loaded model on a sample image is linked here.

Citing this work

If you use this code in your work, please consider referencing our work:

  title={{Efficient Visual Pretraining with Contrastive Detection}},
  author={H{\'e}naff, Olivier J and Koppula, Skanda and Alayrac, Jean-Baptiste and Oord, Aaron van den and Vinyals, Oriol and Carreira, Jo{\~a}o},
  journal={International Conference on Computer Vision},


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