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The systemd in the container uses v1; until we move the debian distro
forward, we'll need to have the host adapt.

Requires docker engine version 20.10.0+.  Older docker installs would
need to use dockerd --default-cgroupns-mode=host.


Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>

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Virtual Device for Android host-side utilities

This repository holds source for Debian packages that prepare a host to boot Cuttlefish, an Android device that is designed to run on Google Compute Engine.

This package can be built directly with dpkg-buildpackage, but it is designed to be built with:


Check out the AOSP tree to obtain the script.

The Debian packages can be also built with the docker container whose Dockerfile and build scripts are included in this repository.

    ./ --build_debs_only --rebuild_debs_verbose

The command will build the container, if needed, that builds the Debian packages, and builds the Debian packages with the container. The resultant packages will be located under the ./out directory.

This repository also contains a Dockerfile that can be used to construct an image for a privileged Docker container, which in turn can boot the cuttlefish device. Such a image allows one to develop for Cuttlefish without having to install a number of packages directly on their host machine. For more details, read the file.