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Virtual Device for Android host-side utilities

This repository holds supporting tools that prepare a host to boot Cuttlefish, a configurable Android Virtual Device (AVD) that targets both locally hosted Linux x86/arm64 and remotely hosted Google Compute Engine (GCE) instances rather than physical hardware.

Debian packages

The following debian packages are provided:

  • cuttlefish-base - Creates static resources needed by the Cuttlefish devices
  • cuttlefish-user - Provides a local web server that enables interactions with the devices through the browser
  • cuttlefish-integration - Installs additional utilities to run Cuttlefish in Google Compute Engine
  • cuttlefish-orchestration - Replaces cuttlefish-user in the Orchestration project
  • cuttlefish-common - [DEPRECATED] Provided for compatibility only, it's a metapackage that depends on cuttlefish-base and cuttlefish-user

The packages can be built with the following script:


Cuttlefish requires only cuttlefish-base to be installed, but cuttlefish-user is recommended to enjoy a better user experience. These can be installed after building with the following command:

sudo apt install ./cuttlefish-base_*.deb ./cuttlefish-user_*.deb

Google Compute Engine

The following script can be used to build a host image for Google Compute Engine:


Check out the AOSP tree to obtain the script.


We also provide the docker image which installed cuttlefish debian packages inside; including cuttlefish-base, cuttlefish-user, and cuttlefish-orchestration. Currently it's available for x86_64 and ARM64 architecture.

Build docker image manually

Please run below command to build manually.

cd /path/to/android-cuttlefish
cd docker/orchestration

You can validate if the docker image is successfully built by checking cuttlefish-orchestration in docker image list like below.

$ docker image list
REPOSITORY               TAG    IMAGE ID       CREATED          SIZE
cuttlefish-orchestration latest 0123456789ab   2 minutes ago    690MB

Download prebuilt image

Sorry for inconvenience, currently it's not supported yet.