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Releases: google/android-emulator-m1-preview

Initial Preview v3: Google APIs System Image

17 Dec 02:23
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This release is the same as v2 (, except the included system image is API 30 Google APIs ARM64-v8a.

Known issues:

  • Webview (and apps that use webview) work, but Chrome doesn't. This is due to the AArch64-only runtime environment.
  • Video decode is in software and can be slower for higher resolution videos versus the x86 system images. This is because the system image is ARM64-v8a-only and doesn't include AArch32 support, which our previous host-side video codecs relied on. We will enable the host side video decoding via VideoToolbox/ffmpeg/CUDA once we can build a non-AArch32 version of the codec driver in the guest.

Initial Preview v2

10 Dec 02:39
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Initial Preview v2 Pre-release

This fixes an issue with the file chooser dialog freezing, along with sound and screenshot issues.

It is based on build (, target aarch64_sdk_tools_mac, artifact (


09 Dec 20:37
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0.1 Pre-release

This is the first preview. This only works on M1 Apple Silicon Macs. It has a lot of rough edges. To use, open the .dmg, drag/drop to /Applications, then right click in /Applications and select Open; skip the developer identity verification check. The first launch may take a while.


android-emulator-m1-preview.dmg: Download this file. Zip file that only includes the emulator engine. Inside, there's a folder, emulator-darwin-aarch64-0.1, the contents of which are suitable for unzipping into $ANDROID_SDK_ROOT/emulator. For use alongside (upcoming) AVDs from the SDK Manager, and will be downloaded automatically replacing $ANDROID_SDK_ROOT/emulator in a future Android SDK Emulator update.