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// Copyright 2014 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package v1
type FsInfo struct {
// Block device associated with the filesystem.
Device string `json:"device"`
// DeviceMajor is the major identifier of the device, used for correlation with blkio stats
DeviceMajor uint64 `json:"-"`
// DeviceMinor is the minor identifier of the device, used for correlation with blkio stats
DeviceMinor uint64 `json:"-"`
// Total number of bytes available on the filesystem.
Capacity uint64 `json:"capacity"`
// Type of device.
Type string `json:"type"`
// Total number of inodes available on the filesystem.
Inodes uint64 `json:"inodes"`
// HasInodes when true, indicates that Inodes info will be available.
HasInodes bool `json:"has_inodes"`
type Node struct {
Id int `json:"node_id"`
// Per-node memory
Memory uint64 `json:"memory"`
HugePages []HugePagesInfo `json:"hugepages"`
Cores []Core `json:"cores"`
Caches []Cache `json:"caches"`
type Core struct {
Id int `json:"core_id"`
Threads []int `json:"thread_ids"`
Caches []Cache `json:"caches"`
type Cache struct {
// Size of memory cache in bytes.
Size uint64 `json:"size"`
// Type of memory cache: data, instruction, or unified.
Type string `json:"type"`
// Level (distance from cpus) in a multi-level cache hierarchy.
Level int `json:"level"`
func (self *Node) FindCore(id int) (bool, int) {
for i, n := range self.Cores {
if n.Id == id {
return true, i
return false, -1
func (self *Node) AddThread(thread int, core int) {
var coreIdx int
if core == -1 {
// Assume one hyperthread per core when topology data is missing.
core = thread
ok, coreIdx := self.FindCore(core)
if !ok {
// New core
core := Core{Id: core}
self.Cores = append(self.Cores, core)
coreIdx = len(self.Cores) - 1
self.Cores[coreIdx].Threads = append(self.Cores[coreIdx].Threads, thread)
func (self *Node) AddNodeCache(c Cache) {
self.Caches = append(self.Caches, c)
func (self *Node) AddPerCoreCache(c Cache) {
for idx := range self.Cores {
self.Cores[idx].Caches = append(self.Cores[idx].Caches, c)
type HugePagesInfo struct {
// huge page size (in kB)
PageSize uint64 `json:"page_size"`
// number of huge pages
NumPages uint64 `json:"num_pages"`
type DiskInfo struct {
// device name
Name string `json:"name"`
// Major number
Major uint64 `json:"major"`
// Minor number
Minor uint64 `json:"minor"`
// Size in bytes
Size uint64 `json:"size"`
// I/O Scheduler - one of "none", "noop", "cfq", "deadline"
Scheduler string `json:"scheduler"`
type NetInfo struct {
// Device name
Name string `json:"name"`
// Mac Address
MacAddress string `json:"mac_address"`
// Speed in MBits/s
Speed int64 `json:"speed"`
// Maximum Transmission Unit
Mtu int64 `json:"mtu"`
type CloudProvider string
const (
GCE CloudProvider = "GCE"
Azure = "Azure"
Baremetal = "Baremetal"
UnknownProvider = "Unknown"
type InstanceType string
const (
NoInstance InstanceType = "None"
UnknownInstance = "Unknown"
type InstanceID string
const (
UnNamedInstance InstanceID = "None"
type MachineInfo struct {
// The number of cores in this machine.
NumCores int `json:"num_cores"`
// Maximum clock speed for the cores, in KHz.
CpuFrequency uint64 `json:"cpu_frequency_khz"`
// The amount of memory (in bytes) in this machine
MemoryCapacity uint64 `json:"memory_capacity"`
// HugePages on this machine.
HugePages []HugePagesInfo `json:"hugepages"`
// The machine id
MachineID string `json:"machine_id"`
// The system uuid
SystemUUID string `json:"system_uuid"`
// The boot id
BootID string `json:"boot_id"`
// Filesystems on this machine.
Filesystems []FsInfo `json:"filesystems"`
// Disk map
DiskMap map[string]DiskInfo `json:"disk_map"`
// Network devices
NetworkDevices []NetInfo `json:"network_devices"`
// Machine Topology
// Describes cpu/memory layout and hierarchy.
Topology []Node `json:"topology"`
// Cloud provider the machine belongs to.
CloudProvider CloudProvider `json:"cloud_provider"`
// Type of cloud instance (e.g. GCE standard) the machine is.
InstanceType InstanceType `json:"instance_type"`
// ID of cloud instance (e.g. instance-1) given to it by the cloud provider.
InstanceID InstanceID `json:"instance_id"`
type VersionInfo struct {
// Kernel version.
KernelVersion string `json:"kernel_version"`
// OS image being used for cadvisor container, or host image if running on host directly.
ContainerOsVersion string `json:"container_os_version"`
// Docker version.
DockerVersion string `json:"docker_version"`
// Docker API Version
DockerAPIVersion string `json:"docker_api_version"`
// cAdvisor version.
CadvisorVersion string `json:"cadvisor_version"`
// cAdvisor git revision.
CadvisorRevision string `json:"cadvisor_revision"`
type MachineInfoFactory interface {
GetMachineInfo() (*MachineInfo, error)
GetVersionInfo() (*VersionInfo, error)
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