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Multi-platform ACL generation system
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maddychan and ankenyr Fix Arista ESP/AH -> Integers
Arista can't parse ESP/AH as strings, needs to be ints 50/51.

Tested with this spec: 'pep_id { abspath: "prod/global-pf-acl" } policy_name: "global-pf-acl-in-30-accept" options { arista { enable_dsmo: true } default_deny_options {omit: true}}'

Created by MOE:
Latest commit 984c3d8 Sep 9, 2019
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capirca Fix Arista ESP/AH -> Integers Sep 10, 2019
def Fixing HIGH_PORTS to be the widest range of ephemeral ports available. May 6, 2016
doc Adding in section name for nsxv as explicit target option. May 17, 2017
policies Changes for fixing the SRX logging logic when log-both is used. Sep 10, 2019
tests Fix Arista ESP/AH -> Integers Sep 10, 2019
tools Reimplementing migration of nacaddr to using ipaddresses after the ro… Oct 3, 2018
.gitignore Added a bit more to It now filters more and only warns o… Jul 21, 2016
.travis.yml Removing the 'a' from yaml Oct 18, 2016
AUTHORS Sync internal and external repositories. May 19, 2016
LICENSE Reworking many things. Removed some third party libraries which shoul… May 5, 2016 add link to channel on network to code slack. Oct 19, 2018 Sync internal and external repositories. May 19, 2016
requirements.txt Removing unneeded requirement from requirements.txt to put it in line… Jan 29, 2019



Capirca is a tool designed to utilize common definitions of networks, services and high-level policy files to facilitate the development and manipulation of network access control lists (ACLs) for various platforms. It was developed by Google for internal use, and is now open source.


Capirca has a channel on the NetworkToCode slack.

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