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Capsicum User Space Tests

This directory holds unit tests for Capsicum object-capabilities. The tests exercise the syscall interface to a Capsicum-enabled operating system, currently either FreeBSD >=10.x or a modified Linux kernel (the capsicum-linux project).

The tests are written in C++98, and use the Google Test framework, with some additions to fork off particular tests (because a process that enters capability mode cannot leave it again).


The original basis for these tests was:

  • unit tests written by Robert Watson and Jonathan Anderson for the original FreeBSD 9.x Capsicum implementation
  • unit tests written by Meredydd Luff for the original Capsicum-Linux port.

These tests were coalesced and moved into an independent repository to enable comparative testing across multiple OSes, and then substantially extended.

OS Configuration


The following kernel configuration options are needed to run the tests:

  • CONFIG_SECURITY_CAPSICUM: enable the Capsicum framework
  • CONFIG_PROCDESC: enable Capsicum process-descriptor functionality
  • CONFIG_DEBUG_FS: enable debug filesystem
  • CONFIG_IP_SCTP: enable SCTP support

FreeBSD (>= 10.x)

The following kernel configuration options are needed so that all tests can run:

  • options P1003_1B_MQUEUE: Enable POSIX message queues (or kldload mqueuefs)

Other Dependencies


The following additional development packages are needed to build the full test suite on Linux.

  • libcaprights: See below
  • libcap-dev: Provides headers for POSIX.1e capabilities.
  • libsctp1: Provides SCTP library functions.
  • libsctp-dev: Provides headers for SCTP library functions.

Linux libcaprights

The Capsicum userspace library is held in the libcaprights/ subdirectory. Ideally, this library should be built (with ./configure; make or dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us) and installed (with make install or dpkg -i libcaprights*.deb) so that the tests will use behave like a normal Capsicum-aware application.

However, if no installed copy of the library is found, the GNUmakefile will attempt to use the local libcaprights/*.c source; this requires ./configure to have been performed in the libcaprights subdirectory. The local code is also used for cross-compiled builds of the test suite (e.g. make ARCH=32 or make ARCH=x32).


Test suite for Capsicum




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