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sicklittlemonkey and agoode Windows connector: don't retain paused jobs (#419)
- Fixes #301
- Move retain code to be later in the printing process
- Check for paused jobs and don't retain them, because retain/release deletes them
- Don't release if the job wasn't retained (avoids logging an error)
Latest commit 9386e53 Jul 20, 2018

Google Cloud Print Connector


Share printers from your Windows, Linux, FreeBSD or OS X computer with ChromeOS and Android devices, using the Cloud Print Connector. The Connector is a purpose-built system process. It can share hundreds of printers on a powerful server, or one printer on a Raspberry Pi.

Lots of help can be found in the wiki.

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Please join the mailing list at!forum/cloud-print-connector. Anyone can post and view messages.

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