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@cgruber cgruber released this Jun 6, 2016 · 1212 commits to master since this release

  • Adds @Binds API for delegating
    one binding to another
  • Adds @IntoSet, @ElementsIntoSet and @IntoMap to replace @Provides(type = ...) and @Produces(type = ...)
  • Allow injection of Provider<Lazy<Foo>>
  • Report an error if a @Scope annotation is applied to an @Inject constructor
  • Remove the ability to set the production executor on a component builder.
  • Ensure that no binding methods are binding framework types.
  • New format of dependency traces in error messages
  • Fixed bug: Exception when a binding in a parent that is used only in a subcomponent depends on a binding in the subcomponent
  • Update to JavaPoet 1.6.1 and Google Java Format 1.0
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