Haskell 101 and 102: slides and codelabs
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Haskell training: 101 and 102.

This repository contains the source for the slides and the exercises used in the Haskell trainings at Google. Haskell is not one of the internally "blessed" languages, but a dedicated team of volunteers is making use of 20% time to try to make Haskell at Google possible! This set of lessons was created in 2016, to allow newcomers to the language to get involved with the team.


The slides use LaTeX. You'll need xelatex installed to build them. Simply run make to create the PDFs. You must also have the Yanone Kaffeesatz fonts installed on your machine.


The codelabs only require ghc to be installed and in the path. Please read Codelab.hs and follow the instructions!


See the releases to download the generated PDFs and the codelabs.


This code is presented as-is, without the speaker notes. At time of writing, no public recording of such a training exists. This is not an officially supported Google product.