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Samba Documents Provider


This is an Android app that extends the built in File Manager to support connecting to SMB file shares.

This app is built on top of Samba 4.5.1.



Android SDK and NDK r15b or above are required to build this app. Android Studio is highly recommended.

This build guide is only tested on Ubuntu. Changes to make it build on other platforms are welcome.

Build Steps

  1. Download and unarchive Samba 4.5.1 source code.
  2. Change directory to the root of Samba source code.
  3. Create a git repository.
  4. Run git apply <path_to_samba_documents_provider_source>/sambapatch.diff.
  5. Modify to change $NDK to point to your NDK folder.
  6. Uncomment corresponding flags in to compile for different architecture. Uncomment flags for ARMv7 in addition to 32-bit ARM to compile it for ARMv7.
  7. Run to configure Samba project.
  8. Run to compile
  9. Run <path_to_samba_documents_provider_source>/app/src/main/jniLibs/<ABI>.
  10. Change directory to SambaDocumentsProvider source code.
  11. Run mv app/src/main/jniLibs/<ABI>/includes app/src/main/cpp/samba_includes.
  12. Change directory to the root of Samba source code and run make distclean.
  13. Repeat step 6-12 for all desired ABI's.
  14. Make sure to change app's build.gradle to include only ABI's that Samba was built for in previous steps.
  15. Compile SambaDocumentsProvider.


Please go to our Google group to discuss any issues.