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The framework currently uses mocha for its testing. This enables node.js-based super-fast unit tests as well as browser-based tests.

Running Tests

Ensure your deps are up to date (only required when changing goog.requires):

anvil build :deps

To run from the command-line, use the script in the root:

# Run all tests

# Run just tests

To run the tests in the browser, navigate to the main test runner page:


This will run all tests. You can click on a test suite to narrow down to running just those tests. You can also pass ?tests=some,tests in the URL to run suites by test namespace name (for example ? will run the src/wtf/io/io_test.js tests).

Authoring Tests

Each piece of testable functionality (namespace, types, etc) should have a corresponding _test.js file. The test file should provide a namespace that is the name of the namespace or type being tested with a '_test' suffix.



wtf.MyType_test = suite('wtf.MyType', function() {
  setup(function() {
    // Test suite setup code.
  teardown(function() {
    // Test suite teardown code.
  suite('#someFunction', function() {
    // Tests related to MyType.someFunction.


Currently the project is using the mocha TDD UI along with the assertions from the Chai Assertion Library. See the reference for more information.

Note on Side-effects

Since many tests can run in the same context (unsandboxed) you should ensure that any changes made to global state are reverted when the tests are torn down.