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Web Tracing Framework libraries and extensions.
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Web Tracing Framework

Build Status

The Web Tracing Framework is a set of libraries, tools, and visualizers for the tracing and investigation of complex web applications. You spend a small amount of time instrumenting your code and it helps you discover performance problems, track regressions, and build buttery-smooth 60fps web apps.

This is still very much a work in progress, and not designed to work for all applications. If you find issues when using it with your application please contribute fixes!

For documentation, tutorials, etc see the main Web Tracing Framework website.

For a list of known issues see KNOWN_ISSUES or the Github issues list.



See building for instructions and testing for information on running the various tests.


Just want the extension as fast as possible?

umask 0022
git clone
cd tracing-framework/
./scripts/ # or setup.bat on Windows
source wtfrc && deployext
# At chrome://extensions load unpacked extension from
# build-bin/wtf-injector-chrome

If you pull new changes, just redeploy:

git pull && git submodule update
# Reload from chrome://extensions

For more information and other build options, see building.


All code except dependencies under third_party/ is licensed under the permissive BSD license. Feel free to fork/rip/etc and use as you wish!


Have a fix or feature? Submit a pull request - we love them! Note that we do keep to the style_guide, so please check it out first!

As this is a Google project, you must first e-sign the Google Contributor License Agreement before we can accept any code. It takes only a second and basically just says you won't sue us or claim copyright of your submitted code.

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