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@cpovirk cpovirk released this 19 Jan 21:49
· 43 commits to master since this release

In this release, our assertions on Java 8 types begin to move from the truth-java8-extensions artifact and the Truth8 class to the main truth artifact and the Truth class. This change should not break compatibility for any supported JDK or Android version, even users who test under old versions of Android without API desugaring. Additionally, we will never break binary compatibility, though some users will have to make changes to their source code in order for it to compile against newer versions.

This change will be routine for most users, but we're providing as much information as we can for any users who do encounter problems.

We will post fuller instructions for migration later on, once we've learned more from our internal migration efforts. For now, you may find that you need to make one kind of change, and you may elect to make others. (If we missed anything, please open an issue to report problems or request help.)

The change you might need to make:

  • By adding new overloads of Truth.assertThat, we cause some code to fail to compile because of an overload ambiguity. This is rare, but it can happen if you static import both Truth.assertThat and some other assertThat method that includes overloads for Optional or Stream. (It does not happen for Truth8.assertThat, though, except with the Eclipse compiler. Nor it does necessarily happen for other assertThat(Stream) and assertThat(Optional) methods.) If this happens to you, you'll need to remove one of the static imports, changing the corresponding call sites from "assertThat" to "FooSubject.assertThat."
    • Alternatively, you may choose to wait until we make further changes to the new Truth.assertThat overloads. Once we make those further changes, you may be able to simultaneously replace all your imports of Truth8.assertThat with imports of Truth.assertThat as you upgrade to the new version, likely without introducing overload ambiguities.

The changes you might elect to make:

  • If you use Truth8.assertThat(Stream) or Truth8.assertThat(Optional), you can migrate to the new overloads in Truth. If you static import Truth8.assertThat, you can usually make this change simply by replacing that static import with a static import of Truth.assertThat—or, if you already have an import of Truth.assertThat, by just removing the import of Truth8.assertThat. (If you additionally use less common assertion methods, like assertThat(OptionalInt), you'll want to use both imports for now. Later, we'll move assertThat(OptionalInt) and friends, too.) We recommend making this change now, since your calls to Truth8.assertThat will fail to compile against some future version of Truth, unless you plan to wait to update your Truth dependency until we've made all our changes for Java 8 types.

  • If you use assertWithMessage(...).about(streams()).that(...), expect.about(optionals()).that(...), or similar, you can remove your call to about. This change will never be necessary; it is just a simplification.

  • If you depend on truth-java8-extension, you may remove it. All its classes are now part of the main truth artifact. This change, too, is not necessary; it is just a simplification. (OK, if your build system has a concept of strict deps, there is a chance that you'll need to add deps on truth to replace your deps on truth-java8-extension.)

Finally, the changelog for this release:

  • Made StreamSubject avoid collecting the Stream until necessary, and made its isEqualTo and isNotEqualTo methods no longer always throw. (f8ecaec)
  • Added assertThat overloads for Optional and Stream to the main Truth class. (37fd8be)
  • Added that overloads to make it possible to write type-specific assertions when using expect.that(optional) and expect.that(stream). (ca7e8f4)
  • Moved the truth-java8-extension classes into the main truth artifact. There is no longer any need to depend on truth-java8-extension, which is now empty. (We've also removed the Truth8 GWT module.) (eb0426e)

Again, if you have any problems, please let us know.