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Ads API Client Libraries for Ruby

This project hosts the new Ads common framework for Ruby, as well as the Ruby client libraries for the various SOAP-based Ads APIs at Google.

The Ruby client libraries make it easier to write Ruby clients to programmatically access your accounts.

New to the library? Check out the Getting Started video screencast on YouTube and take a look at the wiki for this project.

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Products currently supported

  • Google AdWords and DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer API
  • Google's DoubleClick For Publishers API

Client Library Feature

  • Support for logging incoming and outgoing SOAP messages;
  • Support for logging request information;
  • Fully based on new Savon backend.
  • Ruby19 and ruby18 compatible.
  • ClientLogin, OAuth2.0 and OAuth2.0 JWT built-in authentication;
  • Support for API calls to different environments (Production, Sandbox);
  • Local validation for parameter number and type on API calls;
  • Thread-safe;
  • Ruby-like syntax, by converting all method names and properties to snake_case instead of lowerCamelCase;
  • Simplified development model by using arrays and hashes instead of solid objects;
  • (AdWords) Support for tracking API unit usage;
  • (AdWords) Full support for AdHoc reporting.

--Google Ads API Team


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