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Ad Manager SOAP API Client Libraries for Ruby

This project hosts the Ruby client library for Google Ad Manager, as well as the Ads SOAP API common framework for Ruby.

The Ruby client libraries make it easier to write Ruby clients to programmatically access your accounts.

New to the library? Take a look at the wiki for this project.

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Products currently supported

  • Google Ad Manager API DFP Gem Version

Client library features

  • Support for logging incoming and outgoing SOAP messages
  • Support for logging request information
  • Based on Savon library
  • Ruby >=2.7 compatible
  • OAuth2 and OAuth2 JWT built-in authentication
  • Local validation for parameter number and type on API calls
  • Thread-safe
  • Ruby-like syntax, by converting all method names and properties to snake_case instead of lowerCamelCase
  • Simplified development model by using arrays and hashes instead of solid objects

Getting started

  1. Install the library using RubyGems.

     $ gem install google-dfp-api
  2. Copy the sample config file to your home directory and fill out the required properties.

  1. Setup your OAuth2 credentials.

The Ad Manager APIs use OAuth2 as the authentication mechanism. Follow the appropriate guide below based on your use case.

If you're accessing an API using your own credentials...

If you're accessing an API on behalf of clients...

  1. See each product's individual README for more specific instructions:

Submitting bug reports and/or feature requests

If you have issues directly related to the client library, use the issue tracker.

If you have issues pertaining to a specific product, use the product support forums:

Make sure to subscribe to our blog for API change announcements and other news.


To enable logging, see the library-specific README: Ad Manager.



See for details on how to contribute.

This library has adopted the community-driven style guide hosted by bbatsov. Updates to the existing code base will be made incrementally to conform to the style defined there, and all new code will be subject to that style guide. Keep this in mind while crafting contributions.

Note: if you have an ad blocker active, you might experience issues while submitting an issue or pull request. You can still contribute by disabling the ad blocker for this project URL.