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Welcome to the googleads-dotnet-lib wiki! Here are some useful links to get you started.


The README file for the library can be found here. This file contains instructions on how to download and setup the library in your project from nuget, a binary distribution, or compile the library from source distribution.

End-to-End demo applications

We have end-to-end ASP.NET applications for AdWords API and DFP API.


All the Ads APIs use OAuth2 as authentication mechanism. Refer to one of the following wiki articles depending on your use case.

Configuring the client library

Refer to our App.config guide for details on how to configure the Ads client library. If you want to keep your configuration in a separate file, here are some instructions on how to do so.


Ads API libraries can log the details of the API calls you make to Google Ads servers. These logs come handy when troubleshooting various API issues. See our Logging guide as well as App.config configuration section for more details.


The client libraries have additional utilities to make your coding experience simpler. Here are the relevant guides.

How to contribute

See this guide for instructions on how to become a contributor to the client library.


If you are interested in making API calls without using the client library, then you can refer to your NoClientLibrary wiki. There are specific sections on getting an OAuth2 token, making calls to AdWords API services and reports and DFP API services.

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