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AdWords API Perl Client Library
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AdWords API Perl Client Library

CPAN version

Google's AdWords API service lets developers design computer programs that interact directly with the AdWords platform. With these applications, advertisers and third parties can more efficiently -- and creatively -- manage their large or complex AdWords accounts and campaigns.

AdWords API Perl Client Library makes it easier to write Perl clients to programmatically access AdWords accounts.


  • Fully featured object oriented client library (all classes come generated from
  • the WSDLs)
  • Perl 5.14.0+ and based on SOAP::WSDL module
  • Outgoing and incoming SOAP message are monitored and logged on demand
  • Support for API calls to production system or sandbox
  • OAuth2 Support
  • Loading of credentials from local file or source code
  • Online documentation

Getting started

NOTE: If you are using Windows, go through the instructions under What if I'm using Windows? first before continuing here.

  • Download the newest version from releases or from CPAN Google::Ads::AdWords::Client.

  • Install dependencies.

    $ perl Build.PL
    $ perl Build installdeps
  • Copy the sample for your product to your home directory and fill out the required properties.

  • Setup your OAuth2 credentials.

    The AdWords API uses OAuth2 as the authentication mechanism. Follow the appropriate guide below based on your use case.

    If you're accessing an API using your own credentials...

    If you're accessing an API on behalf of clients...

How do I use the library?

There are code examples for most of the common use cases in the repository. These code examples are also available as part of the release distributions. You can also refer to the wiki articles for additional documentation.

How do I run the examples?

Examples can be run by executing the following on the command line from a sub-directory of the examples/ directory,

$ perl

Some examples require you replace object IDs in where you see placeholder like INSERT_***_HERE

How do I enable logging?

The client library uses a custom class for all logging. Check out our logging guide on GitHub for more details.

What if I'm using Windows?

The library is only supported on Windows for ActivePerl 5.14+ x86 (32bit version).

Before following the Getting started steps:

  • Install the MinGW module by executing ppm install MinGW in the command prompt.
  • Install OpenSSL, which can be found at:
  • If installdeps errors on Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA stating that it cannot find .h files:
  • Note the root location of your openssl installation. This will be referred to as <openssl_dir> e.g. C:\openssl. Note the root location or your Perl installation e.g. C:\Perl. This will be referred to as <perl_dir>.
  • Copy the <openssl_dir>\include directory to <perl_dir>\lib\CORE.
  • Copy all the .dll files in <openssl_dir>\bin to <perl_dir>\lib\CORE.
  • Copy all the .lib files in <openssl_dir>\lib to <perl_dir>\lib\CORE.

How do I Contribute?

See the guidelines for contributing for details.

Where do I report issues?

Please report issues at

Support forum

If you have questions about the client library or AdWords API, you can ask them at the AdWords API Forum.


  • Jeff Posnick
  • David Torres


  • Josh Radcliff
  • Nadine Sundquist
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