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feat: promote to GA (#81)
Release-As: 1.0.0
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chingor13 committed Mar 31, 2020
1 parent 4c6bce3 commit 7cac8ea
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Showing 3 changed files with 7 additions and 14 deletions.
2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion .repo-metadata.json
Expand Up @@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
"name_pretty": "Secret Management",
"product_documentation": "",
"client_documentation": "",
"release_level": "beta",
"release_level": "ga",
"language": "java",
"repo": "googleapis/java-secretmanager",
"repo_short": "java-secretmanager",
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8 changes: 1 addition & 7 deletions
Expand Up @@ -8,9 +8,6 @@ Java idiomatic client for [Secret Management][product-docs].
- [Product Documentation][product-docs]
- [Client Library Documentation][javadocs]

> Note: This client is a work-in-progress, and may occasionally
> make backwards-incompatible changes.
## Quickstart

If you are using Maven with [BOM][libraries-bom], add this to your pom.xml file
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -107,9 +104,6 @@ Java 7 or above is required for using this client.
This library follows [Semantic Versioning](

It is currently in major version zero (``0.y.z``), which means that anything may change at any time
and the public API should not be considered stable.

## Contributing

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -148,7 +142,7 @@ Java 11 | [![Kokoro CI][kokoro-badge-image-5]][kokoro-badge-link-5]
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11 changes: 5 additions & 6 deletions synth.metadata
@@ -1,21 +1,20 @@
"updateTime": "2020-03-25T18:27:27.816941Z",
"updateTime": "2020-03-26T19:00:04.963551Z",
"sources": [
"git": {
"name": "googleapis",
"remote": "",
"sha": "fd83ab212176a1042e8d45ea90766b3bf59ac679",
"internalRef": "302913609",
"log": "fd83ab212176a1042e8d45ea90766b3bf59ac679\nfix: migrate osconfig/agentendpoint/v1 go_gapic_library target to microgen impl\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 302913609\n\n0e07113e776bdd8fcc0783372e08bb6e76cb1b5b\ndocs: Update documentation with links to smart home developer guides and reference pages. Remove outdated authorization instructions.\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 302892245\n\n"
"sha": "65816afa71e588252b7119dc723592abe51ea106",
"internalRef": "303150338",
"log": "65816afa71e588252b7119dc723592abe51ea106\nbazel: update gapic-generator-go to v0.12.5 and gapic-generator hash\n\nChanges to gapic-generator-go include:\n* feat: strip invalid link references in comments\n* chore: updating Go deps in bazel repositories\n\nChanges to gapic-generator include:\n* fix: bazel go build gen check for cloud in proto pkg name\n* Revert \"feat: allow static substitution for group name\"\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 303150338\n\nd4aa417ed2bba89c2d216900282bddfdafef6128\nFix incorrect retry config in gapic v2 for kms.\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 303010132\n\nfd08334533204fdd1b33f79fcb263dbb5bf13de0\nfix: osconfig/v1 update go_gapic_library target to microgen interface\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 303007866\n\ne2c0f2a0e06d86b50aba98f67f9f291587d986b3\nUpdate comments for google/rpc/error_details.proto.\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 303002528\n\nf786c7586748e78a286b1620ff3ddbf7b4dcab92\nfeat: Add OsConfigService v1 patch APIs.\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 302999346\n\n0341fa3fc2f4073a1b1f260d37b2ce620799f545\nTurn on gapic config v2 for kms.\n\nCommitter: @hzyi-google\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 302980301\n\n32dc6e832039b61ac3fb82c72eb0a27570aebcd6\nredis: v1beta1 enables REDIS_5_0 as an option for redis_version field and adds two new redis configs --stream-node-max-entries --stream-node-max-bytes\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 302958009\n\n685f16483cc4d87c35051f21f8f13ef4fdc919b4\nredis: v1 enables REDIS_5_0 as an option for redis_version field and adds two new redis configs --stream-node-max-entries --stream-node-max-bytes\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 302957729\n\n733cb282ae5e64673ef86c9a5dff647df803d8b7\nAdd GAPIC cofiguration for v1 client library genetration.\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 302928200\n\n1b0fff5f2ec6dc4a9443d9b50e70e9c94c30c45b\ndocs: remove an internal lint declaration\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 302928106\n\n2be23f3f3036a6f7ce0844def3d2d3da74e5d415\nfix(google/maps): Add post-processing rules for Google Maps APIs\n\nPiperOrigin-RevId: 302925222\n\n"
"git": {
"name": "synthtool",
"remote": "",
"sha": "e36822bfa0acb355502dab391b8ef9c4f30208d8",
"log": "e36822bfa0acb355502dab391b8ef9c4f30208d8\nchore(java): treat samples shared configuration dependency update as chore (#457)\n\n\n1b4cc80a7aaf164f6241937dd87f3bd1f4149e0c\nfix: do not run node 8 CI (#456)\n\n\n"
"sha": "e36822bfa0acb355502dab391b8ef9c4f30208d8"
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