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@google-cloud/firestore v0.15.2

@schmidt-sebastian schmidt-sebastian released this
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  • (#241, #244) Dropped support for Node 4.
  • (#220, #226, #257) Added new Timestamp type that support nanosecond precision.
    Operations that previously returned ISO 8601 formatted Strings return Timestamps, and Timestamps can be returned from DocumentSnapshots by calling firestore.settings() with {timestampsInSnapshots: true}.
  • (#228) Added a new request tag to all Firestore logs, which allows us to correlate log lines from a single operation.


  • (#197) Updated all dependencies to their latest version, addressing vulnerability in ProtobufJS <= 6.8.5.
  • (#257) Firestore now supports an arbirtary number of Snapshot listeners and is no longer capped at 100 active listeners per instance.