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This demo allows you to test many of the API features of the Google Cloud Storage XML API from the command line.
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This project is no longer actively developed or maintained.

For more information about Cloud Storage, refer to our documentation.

Getting Started with Google Cloud Storage API

Google Cloud Storage features a RESTful API that allows developers to access their Cloud Storage objects and buckets.


This demo allows you to test many of the API features of the Google Cloud Storage XML API. For example, you can list project buckets, list objects within a bucket, and upload an object to a bucket. For more information about the Cloud Storage API, please see the documentation.

Before running the application, install the dependencies (listed below) and update the information in the client_secrets.json file with your client id and secret available in the Google API Console.

When running the application for the first time you will be asked to authorize to the Google Cloud Storage API. The demo uses OAuth2.0 for authorization and stores credentials locally in a file called gcs_credentials.dat.

You will then be asked for your Google Cloud Storage project ID, a numerical value found in the API console. More information about projects can be found in the Cloud Storage documentation.

The demo stores your Cloud Storage project ID in a local file called project_info.



$ python [--logging_level=log-level]

Log levels include

  • INFO

Each log level shows the corresponding level of log messages.

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