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Just a Line - iOS

Just a Line is an AR Experiment that lets you draw simple white lines in 3D space, on your own or together with a friend, and share your creation with a video. Draw by pressing your finger on the screen and moving the phone around the space.

This app was written in Swift using ARKit and ARCore. ARCore Cloud Anchors enable Just a Line to pair two phones, allowing users to draw simultaneously in a shared space. Pairing works across Android and iOS devices, and drawings are synchronized live on Firebase Realtime Database.

This is not an official Google product, but an AR Experiment that was developed at the Google Creative Lab in collaboration with Uncorked Studios.

Just a Line is also developed for Android. The open source code for Android can be found here.

Get it on Google Play

Get started

To build the project, first install all dependencies using CocoaPods by running

pod install

Then the project can be built using Xcode 9.3 or later. You will need to set up a cloud project with Firebase, ARCore, and with nearby messages enabled before running the app. Follow the setup steps in the ARCore Cloud Anchors Quickstart guide.


The first cross-platform collaborative AR app (for doodling)





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