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Google Mirror API's Quickstart for Go (deprecated)
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Deprecation Notice

This sample project has been deprecated. It is no longer being actively maintained and is probably out of date.

In other words, if you decide to clone this repository, you're on your own.

Google Mirror API's Quickstart for Go

This project shows you how to implement a simple piece of Glassware that demos the major functionality of the Google Mirror API.

To see a fully-working demo of the quick start project, go to Otherwise, read on to see how to deploy your own version.


The Go quick start project is implemented using App Engine. You need the Go App Engine SDK to develop and deploy your project. Run the installer if appropriate for your platform, or extract the zip file in a convenient place.

Configuring the project

Configure the Quick Start project to use your API client information:

  1. Enter your client ID and secret in config.go:
    // Created at, these identify
    // our app for the OAuth protocol.
    clientId     = "[[YOUR_CLIENT_ID]]"
    clientSecret = "[[YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET]]"
  2. Generate a session secret string and set it in config.go:
    secret      = "This should really be a secret." // Make it a random string
  3. Edit app.yaml to enter your App Engine application ID:
    application: your_appengine_application_id
    version: 1
    runtime: go
    api_version: go1

Deploying the project

Press the blue Deploy button in the App Engine Launch GUI interface or run this shell command to deploy your code:

$ --oauth2 update .
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