Samples demonstrating how to use Google Maps Android API v2.
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Google Maps Android API v2 Samples

Samples demonstrating how to use Google Maps Android API v2.

This repo contains the following samples:

  1. ApiDemos: A collection of small demos showing most features of the Google Maps Android API. (This was formally part of the Google Play Services SDK.)
  2. WearOS: Displays a map on a Wear OS device. This sample demonstrates the basic setup required for a gradle-based Android Studio project.
  3. Tutorials: Samples associated with tutorials in the developer's guide. See each sample for a link to the associated guide.


See each sample for pre-requisites. All require an uptodate version of the Android build tools and the Android support repository.

Getting Started

These samples use the Gradle build system.

First download the samples by cloning this repository or downloading an archived snapshot. (See the options at the top of the page.)

In Android Studio, use the "Import non-Android Studio project" or "Import Project" option. Next select one of the sample directories that you downloaded from this repository. If prompted for a gradle configuration accept the default settings.

Alternatively use the "gradlew build" command to build the project directly.

Add your API key to the AndroidManifest.xml file. See the quick guide to getting an API key.


If you have discovered an issue with the Google Maps Android API v2, please see the resources here:

If you've found an error in these samples, please file an issue:

Patches are encouraged, and may be submitted according to the instructions in



(See each sample directory for details.)

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Copyright 2015 Google, Inc.

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