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NOTE: This demo application is no longer functional as it has multiple dependencies that must be updated.

Google Transport Tracker

Google Transport Tracker is a set of applications designed to track a range of moving assets (such as vehicles) and visualize them on a live map. The applications use a mixture of technologies - Android, Firebase, Google Maps, GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification), and more.

Note: This application implements asset tracking. For use in a production environment, you therefore need a Google Maps APIs Premium Plan license. For more information, see the Google Maps APIs terms of service.


This is the open source release for the I/O Bus Tracker.

The repository consists of a number of components, representing the individual moving parts of the bus tracking system. It includes an Android app, in /android, that's installed on Android devices and deployed on the tracked vehicles, along with a matching administration UI in /admin.

The repo also contains the display side of the system, designed to drive 60" LCD TVs. There is /backend, written in Node.js and running on Google Compute Engine, which receives the locations reported by the Android app, along with a time table provided in GTFS format, and makes regular updates to a Firebase Real Time Database. The client in /map receives the updates from the Firebase database and draws them on the LCD TV.

Getting started

See the developer documentation.

Directories in this repo

The project contains the following subdirectories, each housing a single component:


A web interface for administrators to see a quick overview of all the assets being tracked.


The Android app that resides with each asset to be tracked. Once configured, this app keeps its location synced with Firebase, and reports on other metrics, such as battery life.


The server-side component that manages the state of the Firebase database. For a tutorial on this component, please see Transport Tracker Backend codelab


The public web interface that displays schedule information and asset locations. For a tutorial on this component, please see Transport Tracker Map codelab

This is not an official Google product.