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Releases: googleprojectzero/sandbox-attacksurface-analysis-tools

Updated to v1.1.33

22 Jan 23:42
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  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added RPC pipe support.

Updated to v1.1.32

18 Aug 04:00
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Updated to 1.1.32.

Updated to v1.1.31

16 Mar 05:26
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  • Added signing and encryption to SSPI.
  • Added Get-LsaContextSignature and Test-LsaContextSignature.
  • Added Protect-LsaContextMessage and Unprotect-LsaContextMessage
  • Named auth commands to Lsa.
  • Added TCP/IP RPC transport and add signing/encryption.
  • Added Disconnect-RpcClient.
  • Added server information for local RPC connection.
  • Added Enable-NtTokenPrivilege and Disable-NtTokenPrivilege.
  • Added native ARM/ARM64 support.
  • Added Get-Win32ServiceConfig and Set-Win32ServiceConfig.
  • Fixed bug in ACL canonicalization.
  • Added support for SDK names of enumerations/structures.
  • Added Get-NtSDKName.
  • Added support for Win32 WriteProcessMemory.
  • Added Get-Win32ServiceTrigger and support for triggers in Start-Win32Service.
  • Added Set-Win32ServiceSecurityDescriptor.
  • Fixed INdrStructure unmarshaling #35

Updated to v1.1.30

15 Jan 16:19
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  • Fixed issue when displaying only a SACL with Format-NtSecurityDescriptor.
  • Added basic named pipe support for RPC clients.
  • Fixed issue enumerating per-user audit rules.
  • Added view accessor for safe buffers.
  • Improved debug tracing for RPC clients.
  • Improved handling of paths with local files commands.
  • Fixed path issue with Set-Win32SecurityDescriptor.
  • Added querying trace providers from the WMI security key.

Updated to v1.1.29.

23 Nov 06:09
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  • Added Get-NtProcessUser.
  • Added Get-NtProcessEnvironment.
  • Added global option for New-NtSymbolicLink.
  • Added Split-Win32CommandLine.
  • Added send and post methods to NtMessage.
  • Added AsObject parameter for Get-NtObjectInformation.
  • Added NtMailslotFile and fixed mailslot creation.
  • Added Get-NtKeySymbolicLinkTarget.
  • Added support for a FollowLink switch which will allow accessible cmdlets to follow symbolic links. Feature request #29.
  • Separated forms code from the main assembly.
  • Added setting service security and Get/Set-Win32ServiceSecurityDescriptor.
  • Added Win32 debug console class and Start/New/Read-Win32DebugConsole.
  • Added Test-NtTokenCapability.
  • Added New-Win32Service and Remove-Win32Service.
  • Reimplemented SidName to allow access to the Domain component.
  • Added section characteristics check when parsing RPC servers. Fix for issue #27.
  • Added an SDKName attribute to access rights.
  • Added Add-NtAccountRight and Remove-NtAccountRight.
  • Added basic VBS enclave support.
  • Added support to parse ELAM information from a binary.
  • Added Get-NtSigningLevel and Get-X509Certificate.
  • Added Compare-NtSigningLevel.
  • Added silo impersonation commands.
  • Added option to impersonation System when creating a token or with Invoke-NtToken.
  • Added proper enumeration of AppContainer profiles and support creating with capabilities.
  • Added Get-AppModelApplicationPolicy.
  • Added Get-NtThreadContext and Set-NtThreadContext.
  • Added support for calling CreateProcessWithLogon via Win32Process.
  • Added Start-AppModelApplication.
  • Added Add-NtThreadApc.
  • Fixed path handling in Get-Win32SecurityDescriptor.
  • Added Get-NtFileFinalPath command.
  • Reworked handling of lease oplocks.
  • Added basic USN journal support.
  • Added Get-NtFileStream.
  • Added Get-NtMountPoint command.
  • Added basic async support and the Wait-AsyncTaskResult command.
  • Added Send-NtFileControl command.
  • Added Get-NtFileVolumeInformation and Set-NtFileVolumeInformation.
  • Added Get-NtFileItem command.
  • Added support for querying device nodes, setup class and interface classes.
  • Added Get-NtFileSharingProcess.
  • IPeb: Added GetBeingDebugged() (#26)
  • Added support for enumerating filter drivers and connecting to ports.
  • Added New-NtKeySymbolicLink and Set-NtKeySymbolicLinkTarget.
  • Added a Get-NtKeyHive command.

Updated to v1.1.28

30 Jun 21:08
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  • Added Import-Win32Module and Get-Win32Module.
  • Added support for Registry Keys in the NtObjectManager provider.
  • Added Get-NtDirectoryEntry.
  • Added Win32 CreateRemoteThread.
  • Added addition Registry Key functions.
  • Added Network Authentication commands.
  • Added Authentication Token formatting commands.
  • Added new filtering features to TokenViewer.
  • Improved cmdlets for getting and setting object information classes.
  • Added Add-NtSection and Remove-NtSection.
  • Added Compare-NtObject.
  • Added Test-NtTokenPrivilege.
  • Added type parsing from PDBs via SymbolResolver.
  • Added a summary format to Format-NtSecurityDescriptor.
  • Added Out-HexDump.
  • Added C# compiler support for .NET Core Support of Get-RpcClient.
  • Updated New-NtSecurityDescriptor and Edit-NtSecurityDescriptor.
  • Basic C++ NDR formatting from irsl@.
  • Added Format-NtJob.
  • Added New-NtSecurityAttribute and Get-NtAceConditionData.
  • Added Device/User Claims to Token Viewer and Format-NtToken.
  • Added many different commands to manipulate Security Descriptors.
  • Added Win32 Security Descriptor commands.
  • Added filtering for accessible path commands.
  • Added Audit support.
  • Added basic AuthZ API support.
  • Added basic ASN.1 DER parsing and Format-ASN1DER command.
  • Added Kerberos Keytab file reading and writing.

Updated to v1.1.27

10 Feb 06:17
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  • Added support for directory change notifications.
  • Added New-NtDesktop, Get-NtDesktop and Get-NtDesktopName.
  • Added New-NtWindowStation, Get-NtWindowStation and Get-NtWindowStationName.
  • Changed Win32 error codes to an enumeration.
  • Added Load/Unload driver.
  • Added properties to NtType to show access masks.
  • Added basic SendInput method.
  • Added token source tab to Token Viewer.
  • Updated for the Job object and New-NtJob.
  • Added NtWindow class a HWND enumeration.
  • Added Get-AccessibleWindowStation command.
  • Added some well known WNF names.
  • Added option to Get-AccessibleService to check file permissions.
  • Added Set-NtProcessJob command.
  • Added Get-AccessibleToken command.
  • Added support for compound ACEs.
  • Added Get/Sid-NtTokenSid and Get/Set-NtTokenGroup.
  • Added Get-AccessibleEventTrace command.
  • Added Get-AccessibleWnf command.

Updated to v1.1.26

21 Jan 22:02
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  • Add DeviceGuid to Get/New-NtFile
  • Fixed bug in ETA registrations and added GUID enumeration.
  • Added SetExceptionPort to NtProcess.
  • Added child process mitigation improvements.
  • Added extended Fork.
  • Updated native process creation support.
  • Various new non-throwing methods.
  • Updated to C# 7.3.
  • Added list of access rights to NtType.
  • Added default mandatory policy to NtType.
  • Added SetDisposition methods to NtFile.
  • Added console and GUI support for Object ACEs.
  • Updated access checking to support Object Types.
  • Access check returns a structure rather than just an access mask.
  • CPP style NDR formatting (#21)
  • Added Get-NtTokenPrivilege command.
  • Added Get-NtLocallyUniqueId command.

Updated to v1.1.25

02 Jan 01:59
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  • Added new options to Get-NtSecurityDescriptor.
  • Updated accessible resource checking.
  • Added Remove-NtTokenPrivilege.
  • Added Session option to Get-NtToken.
  • Added command line option to Show-NtToken.
  • Added information classes for symbolic links.

Updated to v1.1.24

10 Dec 03:23
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  • Added Add-NtTokenSecurityAttribute and Remove-NtTokenSecurityAttribute cmdlets.
  • Added additional properties for running servies.
  • Added support for drivers to Get-RunningService and Get-AccesibleService.
  • Added fake service NtType objects for services and SCM to allow formatting and the UI.
  • Added NtType property to security descriptors.
  • Added option to Show-NtToken to elevate to admin.
  • Added Suspend, Resume and Stop process commands.
  • Added Get-NtEaBuffer and Set-NtEaBuffer commands.
  • Added open to Get-NtDebug to get from a process.