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GoDoc Build Status Coverage Status Go Report Card is library an implementation of Socket.IO in Golang, which is a realtime application framework.

Current this library supports 1.4 version of the Socket.IO client. It supports room, namespaces and broadcast at now.

Help wanted This project is looking for contributors to help fix bugs and implement new features. Please check Issue 192. All help is much appreciated.



Install the package with:

go get

Import it with:

import ""

and use socketio as the package name inside the code.


Please check more examples into folder in project for details. Examples

How to use Redis broadcast adapter

server := socketio.NewServer(nil)
ok, err := server.Adapter(&socketio.RedisAdapterOptions{
    Host:   "",
    Port:   "6379",
    Prefix: "",

if !ok {
    fmt.Println("error:", err)


It is some popular questions about this repository:

  • Is this library supported version 2?
    • No, but if you wanna you can help to do it. Join us in community chat Telegram
  • How to use with CORS?
  • What is minimal version Golang support for this library?
    • We required Go 1.9 or upper!
  • How to user?
    • compatibility with Socket.IO 0.9.x, please use branch 0.9.x * or tag


Telegram chat: @go_socketio


This project contains a sub-package called engineio. This used to be a separate package under

It contains the analog implementation of the original node-package. It can be used without the Please check the in engineio/.


The 3-clause BSD License - see LICENSE for more details