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Public release of Goonstation from March 2016
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ZeWaka 2019 Mapping Update #3
Added firedoor spawners, as well as icons for the access spawners.
Latest commit 73bce6a May 23, 2019


Official release of goonstation from 2016-03-04, based on revision 35cd644.

The original, non-updated version of this repository is commit d8a2d60.

See our statement here

Pull Requests

You are welcome to fork this repository and accept pull requests for your fork.

We will be continuing to develop Goonstation as a closed-source project. Maintaining both this source tree and our private one would be more of an investment in terms of time and effort than we are willing to undertake. PRs to this repository will be automatically closed.

If you wish to contribute to Goonstation, and would like to submit patches, bugfixes, or other source code improvements, please visit the Patches subforum at

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