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Using gopass as summon provider

What is summon?

Summon is a command-line tool to inject secrets as environment variables. It is used to execute a process and inject secrets from a separate store. Using gopass can be useful in (local) development

Summon Provider

The gopass repository contains the cmd/gopass-summon-provider tool, that can be used as summon provider.

To make use of gopass-summon-provider to retrieve the test/db-password secret, you can call summon with full provider path

summon -p /usr/local/bin/gopass-summon-provider --yaml 'DBPASS: !var test/db-password' bash -c 'echo $DBPASS'

or link gopass-summon-provider to /usr/local/lib/summon/gopass and just use gopass

summon -p gopass --yaml 'DBPASS: !var test/db-password' bash -c 'echo $DBPASS'

or export SUMMON_PROVIDER=gopass as default provider

summon --yaml 'DBPASS: !var test/db-password' bash -c 'echo $DBPASS'

With the appropriate secrets.yml, it's as easy as running

summon ./my-command-to-run