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The version of Gopherdon for the web and desktop devices
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Gopherdon App

A beautiful client for the Gopherdon network, built from Hyperspace


The Gopherdon apps are the official means of accessing the Gopherdon network at Goucher College. Built from Hyperspace, it aims to provide a beautiful and easy-to-use interface for any Mastodon instance, including Gopherdon.

Changes that overall benefit Hyperspace will be made upstream, and Gopherdon will be in-sync with upstream changes from Hyperspace.

Build instructions


To develop Gopherdon, you'll need the following tools and packages:

  • Node.js 8 or later
  • (Optional) Visual Studio Code

Installing dependencies

First, clone the repository from GitHub:

git clone

Then, in the app directory, run the following command to install all of the package dependencies:

npm install

Pulling changes from upstream (hyperspacedev/hyperspace)

It is recommended that you make these changes to both the upstream and master branches, accordingly.

Run the following commands to copy the latest Hyperspace code to Gopherdon in upstream:

git fetch upstream
git checkout upstream
git merge upstream/master

If any conflicts arise, check the files and review the changes before fully merging. After merging, make a pull request to the master branch to apply the upstream changes.

Note: Do not delete the upstream branch. This is necesary to get changes from Hyperspace and to submit new changes to Hyperspace itself.

Testing changes

Before testing Gopherdon, make the following change in config.json:

    "location": "https://localhost:3000"

This is necessary to test Gopherdon locally and will need to be reverted after testing or before releasing to master/release.

To run a development version of Gopherdon, either run the start task from VS Code or run the following in the terminal:

npm start

The site will be hosted at https://localhost:3000, where you can sign in and test Gopherdon.

Alternatively, if you are testing the desktop version of Gopherdon, run npm run electrify (or npm run electrify, if you don't want to make another production build). Gopherdon will open in a window where you can sign in and test Gopherdon with your Mastodon account. You'll be logged in automatically if you've signed in before.

Building a release

To build a release, run the following command:

npm build

The built files will be available under build as static files. These files should get hosted to a web server.

If you are aiming to make an update to the official Gopherdon site, just push your changes to either the master (unstable) or release (stable) branches.

Building desktop releases

You can run any of the following commands to build a release for the desktop:

  • build-desktop: Builds the desktop apps for all platforms (eg. Windows, macOS, Linux). Will run npm run build before building.
  • build-desktop-win: Builds the desktop app for Windows without running npm run build.
  • build-desktop-darwin: Builds the desktop apps for macOS (eg. disk image, Mac App Store) without running npm run build.
  • build-desktop-linux: Builds the desktop apps for Linux (eg. Debian package, AppImage, and Snap) without running npm run build.
  • build-desktop-linux-select: Builds the desktop app for Linux without running npm run build. Target is required as a parameter.

Note: If you are building the macOS version of Gopherdon, add your provisioning profiles and entitlements files in the desktop folder and ensure you have installed your developer certificates on your machine before running build-desktop or build-desktop-darwin.

While the command will run without needing the signature, it is recommended that you make a signed copy to protect users.

⚠️ Notarization: If you are building the macOS version of Hyperspace, you will also need to set up notarization processes. Hyperspace will not run on devices running macOS Catalina or later without this notarization; please ensure you have the correct certificates and updated notarization scripts in desktop/notarize.js.

When building, the script will aotumatically notarize the app for you after signing it.

The built files will be available under dist that can be uploaded to your app distributor or website.


Contrubition guidelines are available in the contributing file and when you make an issue/pull request. Additionally, you can access our Code of Conduct.


Gopherdon is currently adopting the contribution guidelines and Code of Conduct from the main Hyperspace project.

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