Developer Guidelines

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This page provides guidelines for developers working on GopherJS and its related projects. It may also serve as a list of recommendations for developers of GopherJS libraries and JavaScript bindings, such as those found here.

This document is evolving and changing as new decisions are made. If you have a question not answered here, please create an issue.


GopherJS aims to follow the Go style, as described in Effective Go and Go Code Review Comments. All new code should follow those rules. There should be no golint or go vet issues. Only exception is if editing existing code that doesn't yet follow Go style, it's acceptable to leave style change out of scope.

See this discussion.

Code generation

GopherJS relies on standard //go:generate directives to generate code. Running
go generate && go install -v
should regenerate all packages and reinstall gopherjs. You may need extra dependencies for generation:

go get -u
go get -u

Currently, ./compiler/natives package is generated to statically embed the contents of its src subdirectory. If you're changing its contents, you'll need to regenerate that package for it to take effect.

Alternatively, for rapid development, you may build with gopherjsdev build tag:
go install -v -tags=gopherjsdev
(and touch $GOPATH/bin/gopherjs so stale GOPATH/pkg/*_js files get rebuilt).
That way, the natives.FS filesystem will read directly from disk. Read here for more information on gopherjsdev build tag mode (note that dev build tag isn't used to avoid overlap with users' projects, see

If your pull request contains changes to that package, it should include the regenerated files.

ECMAScript compatibility

At this time, GopherJS only uses ECMAScript 5 features.

Usually when you use ES6 features you have a compiler like Babel + polyfills to make it compatible with older browsers. Obviously that's not an option for GopherJS. I don't want to sacrifice compatibility just for some nicer syntax in generated files. If you find some major performance gain, then we can talk about it. Otherwise I'd like to stick with widely supported features.

See issue #320.

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