Vecty: a frontend toolkit for GopherJS
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bzub and slimsag elem: Fix lint and generate issues (#205)
* Fix heading title detection

* Fix Heading{1-6} function comment sentences

* Remove debugging line

* Filter out invalid (redundant input) elements

* Handle additional description styles, special cases

Uses a couple regular expressions, and a couple special cases for
<audio> and <h{1-6}> now.

* Handle uppercase Element in regexpr as well

* Fix using only one element of split desc

* Cleanup some description suffix irregularities

* Add back <tagname> instances to description

The first one is replaced with funName, the rest were not added back and
were blank. This is a bug fix.

* Handle descriptions with "(" + "(E|e)lement"
Latest commit a3bd138 May 24, 2018

Vecty is a React-like library for GopherJS so that you can do frontend development in Go instead of writing JavaScript/HTML/CSS.

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  • Share frontend and backend code.
  • Write everything in Go -- not JS/HTML/CSS!
  • XSS protection: unsafe HTML must be explicitly denoted as such.
  • Reusability: share components by making Go packages that others can import!


  • Simplicity
    • Keep things as simple as possible to understand for newcomers.
    • Designed from the ground up to be easily mastered (like Go)!
  • Performance
    • As efficient as possible, make it clear what each operation in your webpage will do.
    • Same performance as just using plain JS/HTML/CSS.
  • Composability
    • Nest components to form your entire user interface, seperate them logically as you would any normal Go package.

Current Status

Vecty is currently considered to be an experimental work-in-progress.

  • APIs will change.
  • The scope of Vecty is only ~80% defined currently.
  • There are a number of important open issues.

For a list of projects currently using Vecty, see the doc/ file.



See the doc/ file.