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[DEPRECATED] A script to build and release go binaries to github releases
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It is boring to write release scripts, and I was like in need to write one more.

So, I changed what I already had in antibody and make it simple enough so it can be used within any go project, basically.

What it does?

  1. Compiles the project with gox to several platforms, setting the main.version ldflag to current git tag name;
  2. Packages it in tar.gz files in the form of binary_$(uname -s)_$(uname -m).tar.gz, so it could be easily scripted;
  3. Creates a github release for the current tag, setting the description of it with the commit log between the current and previous tags;
  4. Finally, upload all tar.gz files to the created release.

This is kind of opinionated, so, your project will need to "follow some rules" in order to use it.

The rules

  1. Go 1.5 or higher;
  2. No Windows support - I just don't care;
  3. main.version ldflag - it's useful to the users;
  4. It has a README* and LICENSE* files - because of the users, again;
  5. The dist folder should not contain anything important.


Basically, all is done in a very simple getopts loop, so, you need to run it like this:

curl -s | bash -s -- \
  -u caarlos0 \ # repo owner on github
  -r go-releaser \ # repo name on github
  -b release \ # binary filename
  -m ./cmd/main.go \ # your main go file
  -e "FILE1 FILE2 FILE3" # optional, extra files you want to add, besides the binary itself with LICENSE* and README*

For example, in antibody's circle.yml file I have the following:

    tag: /v[0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)*/
      - curl -s | bash -s -- -u getantibody -r antibody -b antibody -m ./cmd/antibody/ -e antibody.zsh

You can see the very first release made this way here as well the build that created it.