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Gorgona.io smart contract

Gorgona io

Check contract working

Before you start, you need to install required packages.

$ npm install ganache-cli truffle -g
$ npm install

Launch private blockchain using ganache.

$ ganache-cli


First of all, to ensure that everything works properly you should run tests.

$ truffle test test/gorgona.js

If everything was great you will see smth like this:

Compiling ./contracts/Gorgona.sol...
Compiling ./contracts/Theft.sol...

  Contract: Gorgona
    ✓ Has an owner
    ✓ Contract can accept incoming transactions (231ms)
    ✓ Reinvest is correct (157ms)
    ✓ Owner receives correct fee (270ms)
    ✓ Referrer commission works properly (598ms)
    ✓ Referrer: incorrectly specified referrer has no effect (425ms)
    ✓ Referrer: cash-back works properly (772ms)
    ✓ Check minimum invest
    ✓ Payout: check function getInvestorDividendsAmount (100ms)
    ✓ Payout: check function self payout (537ms)
    ✓ Check getDepositAmount & getInvestorCount functions (108ms)
    ✓ Payout: check payouts work properly (735ms)
    ✓ Check ownershipTransfer (290ms)
    ✓ Check revert on another contract (291ms)
    ✓ Check KOtH: GorgonaKiller (452ms)
    ✓ Check rounds (455ms)

  16 passing (7s)

To ensure that smart-contact can be used by tones of investors, you should run `load-test.js

Before testing you should start ganache-cli with key -a 500 (investors count).

$ ganache-cli -a 500

Warning! This test took a lot of time!

$ truffle test test/gorgona-loadtest.js

If everything was great you will see smth like this:

Compiling ./contracts/Gorgona.sol...

  Contract: Gorgona
    ✓ Loadtesting: Create a many investors (700ms)
    ✓ Loadtesting: Check payout for a large number of investors (2716ms)
    ✓ Loadtesting: Check next round on a lot investors (851ms)

  3 passing (4s)