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· 13 commits to master since this release
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Notable Changes

⚠️ This release fixes a potential denial-of-service (DoS) vector in gorilla/websocket, and we recommend that all users upgrade to this version (v1.4.1) or later

The vulnerability could allow an attacker to consume excessive amounts of memory on the server by bypassing read limits, and potentially cause the server to go out-of-memory (OOM).

See the published security advisory for more details.

Credit to Max Justicz ( for discovering and reporting this, as well as providing a robust PoC and review.


c3e18be Create release-drafter.yml (#538)
5b740c2 Read Limit Fix (#537)
7e9819d fix typos (#532)
ae1634f Create CircleCI config.yml (#519)
80c2d40 fix autobahn test suite link (#503)
6a67f44 remove redundant err!=nil check in conn.go Close method (#505)
0ec3d1b Fix typo
856ca61 Add buffer commentary
7c8e298 Add support for go-module
8ab6030 Add JoinMessages
95ba29e Updated autobahn test suite URL
483fb8d Add "in bytes" to sizes in documentation
76e4896 Fix formatting problem in the docs. (#435)
a51a35a Improve header parsing code
3130e8d Return write buffer to pool on write error (#427)
cdd40f5 Add comprehensive host test (#429)