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About. Short Story

Smartgf is a tool for quick method definition lookup. It uses mix of ag (faster than ack which faster than grep), ctags and it was designed for Ruby developers.


Watch this screencast for more details.

About. Long Story

Since I had been starting using Vim I was searching a best tool/way for quick method definition lookup.

This feature was always an advantage of big IDE systems like RubyMine(IDEA) or VisualStudio. Vim has some basic scenarios based on ctags or vimgrep which fail in most cases and look useless especially for me as ruby developer.

One day I started designing Smartgf. It combines tools for best results. It combines best tools such as the_silver_searcher, ctags and inline-filters (by filetype, skip comment, set top definitions).

Since I have been starting using Smartgf I love it.


First of all you need to have installed ag. So run this:

# on mac with homebrew
brew install the_silver_searcher

Or see details instruction here.

If you Rails/Ruby developer you should install ctags

# on ubuntu
sudo apt-get install ctags

# on mac with homebrew
brew install ctags

For quick plugin installing use pathogen.vim.

If you already have pathogen then put smartgf into ~/.vim/bundle like this:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone


Smartgf uses default 'gf' combination. Set cursor position under the function or method and type gf in normal mode. After that you will see dialog with search results. Use 1-9 keys as quick shortcuts to select search result or use j,k to change cursor position in the dialog and o,Enter to choose selected item.

Note: By default smartgf uses filter by filetype and sets top priority for method definitions and also skips comments in the search results. If you want to skip these filters use 'gF' instead of 'gf'.

Note: If you use rails.vim you should know that smartgf disable rails.vim 'gf' mappings. You can change smartgf mappings (see configuration section) after that rails.vim should works in a normal way.

Note: filetype/comments/priority filters are available only for vim, javascript/coffee, php and ruby files.

Note: If you use gems search and any CVS integration (git, svn) you need to mark as ignored .smartgf_tags and .smartgf_tags_date (add to .gitingore for git).

Manual refresh ctags index

If you use vanilla vim (without GUI/gvim/macvim) you need to refresh ctags index manually. Add this line to your .vimrc:

map <F5> :SmargfRefreshTags<CR>

Note: With macvim/gvim ctags index updates automatically on window focus event. If you want to disable auto-refreshing add this to .vimrc:

let g:smartgf_auto_refresh_ctags = 0

Create custom mappings using <Plug>

" disable custom mapping, and use your own:
let g:smartgf_create_default_mappings = 0

" use custom <Plug> to create your own mappings:
" <Plug>(smartgf-search)
" <Plug>(smart-search-unfiltered)
" for example:
nmap gs <Plug>(smartgf-search)
vmap gs <Plug>(smartgf-search)
nmap gS <Plug>(smartgf-search-unfiltered)
vmap gS <Plug>(smartgf-search-unfiltered)


If you want to change default smartgf settings add these lines to your vimrc file.

Available settings for smartgf:

"Key for running smartpaigf with all filters (ft/comments/def)
"default is 'gf'
let g:smartgf_key = 'gf'

"Key for running smartpaigf without filters
"default is 'gF'
let g:smartgf_no_filter_key = 'gF'

" apply the default mappings (activated by default):
let g:smartgf_create_default_mappings = 1

"Enable search with ruby gems from Gemfile
"default is 1
let g:smartgf_enable_gems_search = 1

"Enable auto-refreshing ctags file on window focus (works only with GUI)
"default is 1
let g:smartgf_auto_refresh_ctags = 1

"Max entries count to display (search results dialog)
"default is 9
let g:smartgf_max_entries_per_page = 9

"Min space between text and file path in the search results list
"default is 5
let g:smartgf_divider_width = 5

"Extensions to try for filenames which leave it off (will be tried in order)
" Default is as below
let g:smartgf_extensions = ['.ls', '.coffee', '.js']

How to lazy load smartgf

You can easily lazy load this plugin with NeoBundle:

" lazy load smartgf example config:
NeoBundleLazy 'gorkunov/smartgf.vim', {
            \ 'mappings': '<Plug>(smartgf-search',
            \ 'disabled': !executable('ag')
            \ }
if neobundle#tap('smartgf.vim')
    let g:smartgf_create_default_mappings = 0
    let g:smartgf_enable_gems_search = 0
    let g:smartgf_auto_refresh_ctags = 0
    let g:smartgf_max_entries_per_page = 9
    let g:smartgf_divider_width = 5
    let g:smartgf_extensions = ['.js', '.coffee', '.json']

    nmap gs <Plug>(smartgf-search)
    vmap gs <Plug>(smartgf-search)
    nmap gS <Plug>(smartgf-search-unfiltered)
    vmap gS <Plug>(smartgf-search-unfiltered)
    call neobundle#untap()


Smartgf is released under the wtfpl