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haggar Build Status

An experimental carbon load generation tool named after Haggar the Witch, a real menace to Voltron.

It's also named after pants.

It behaves like a swarm of collectd agents firing a fixed number of metrics at a fixed interval to your carbon-compatible endpoint. The number of agents increase over time until a maximum number is reached. At any given time, you can pause the spawning of new agents by sending SIGUSR1. Spawning can be resumed by doing the same.


$ go get

Command-line flags

$ haggar -h
Usage of haggar:
  -agents=100: max number of agents to run concurrently
  -carbon="localhost:2003": address of carbon host
  -flush-interval=10s: how often to flush metrics
  -jitter=10s: max amount of jitter to introduce in between agent launches
  -metrics=10000: number of metrics for each agent to hold
  -prefix="haggar": prefix for metrics
  -spawn-interval=10s: how often to gen new agents


This tool was designed and developed by @gorsuch and @obfuscurity.