DEPRECATED: An event-driven log parser that generates RRDs and graphs for your data
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LogTrend is an event-driven log parser that will watch your logs in realtime and generate RRD files and graphs of whatever you are interested in trending.


You have lots of logs. You want to get an idea as to how often certain events occur.

Maybe you are curious about certain HTTP transactions. How about failed logins? Any interest in how many customers are hammering your API?

Grepping through logs files sucks, especially when the sky seems to be falling.

LogTrend gives you a simple way to describe the events that you want to trend and takes care of rendering that data for you minute-by-minute.

Get it.

gem install logtrend

Use it.

Here is an example:

require 'logtrend'

# Invoke this to begin trending your data..."/var/log/httpd-acccess.log") do |lt|

  # Set new locations for our graphs and rrds.  defaults to '.'
  lt.rrd_dir = '/tmp/rrd'
  lt.graphs_dir = '/tmp/graphs'

  # Add some things to trend.  An RRD is built for each one of these items.
  # Each time we read a line from the log file, we pass it to the block.
  # If your block returns true, we count that as a hit.
  # Every minute, the RRD is updated with the hits for the previous period.
  lt.add_trend(:total) {|line| line.match /.*/}
  lt.add_trend(:fbod) {|line| line.match /}
  lt.add_trend(:kod) {|line| line.match /}
  lt.add_trend(:long) do |line|
    # Let us pretend that request time is in seconds
    # and is the last item on the log line
    request_time = line.split.last.to_i
    request_time > 10

  # Build a graph displaying some of the items we are trending
  # Label it as :requests_per_minute
  lt.add_graph(:requests_per_minute) do |g|
    g.add_point :area, :total, "#333333"
    g.add_point :line, :fbod, "#0066cc"
    g.add_point :line, :kod, "#993333"

  # Build a second graph for our long running queries
  lt.add_graph(:long_requests) do |g|
    g.add_point :area, :long, '#000000'



This is a young tool and probably full of bugs. If you find any, fork, fix, and submit a pull request. If you’d like to extend functionality, go for it!

Who Made this Possible

This tool is built upon EventMachine, rrd-ffi, and eventmachine-tail.

These are amazing libraries, and they do all of the heavy lifting for LogTrend. If you take a peak at the source, you’ll see that.

Thanks to francois for patches and testing.